Tent pavilions

Are you planning to hold an outdoor fair or engage in outdoor trade? It is not uncommon to think about renting a building or part of a building as soon as you need a place with a roof for a fair, trade or any other event. However, there are situations when you need a place with a roof in a completely open space, in the meadow or in the fields, exactly where there are no buildings. Storage tents are a great solution for anyone looking for practical solutions. In cases where you need a short-term and mobile shelter that can adapt to any area, we offer a modern solution - tent pavilions.

Tent pavilions are specially adapted for fairs and other events. We advise to choose straight wall storage tents, because the walls will allow you to use all the space in a practical and comfortable way. The size of the pavilion construction and the thickness of the awning is recommended to choose according to your individual needs.

Customer valued advantage - our warehouse tents have two doors on both sides of the building. Not only can people walk freely through both doors, but the inside of the building can also be ventilated. Another great advantage is that the tent pavilion protects from weather conditions: rain, snow, wind, extremely high temperatures and hot sun. The material from which the tent is made is impermeable to sunlight, it is permeable only to light. By retaining the temperature, the tent keeps a fairly cool temperature inside. The storage tent assembly boxes come with instructions included, which will allow you to easily assemble the warehouse tent on your own. The tent pavilion can be assembled in just 1-3 days. Of course, you can always call on the help of our professionals who will do the work for you and guide you along the process!