Tent gates

Tent gates are a great solution for those using storage hangars. They are extremely lightweight, quick to assemble, easy to use and can be adapted to storage shelters of various sizes to suit the needs of each customer.

Tent gates have many advantages. The gate has a zipper and allows quick and simple access. If necessary, the door opens easily to the end, depending on the model and size of the storage tent available. Larger prefabricated warehouse tents have built-in gates with a rotating manual lift, which is used to raise the gate. It is convenient that no additional ladder is required to lift the gates. The smaller storage shelters which have gates with a zipper are lifted to the top with a special tool that is given to open the gate to the maximum. With the help of a rope they roll-up nicely, like blinds. When the rope is released, they easily go down.

Often the gate is used as a mean of ventilation. This is one of the biggest advantages of tent gates. In order for the air to circulate freely, they do not need to be opened to the maximum, it is enough to raise the gate to the height of a meter at both ends of the storage tent. The air circulates freely and the warehouse tent is ventilated inside, so no condensation forms. The storage tent door is especially useful to protect the stored materials from outside eyes.

Tent gates can be designed according to the needs of each customer and the shape and dimensions of the storage tent. Just like warehouse tents, tent gates have excellent properties, they are resistant to environmental influences, salt, moisture, protects from precipitation, high temperatures, sand or dust. Many appreciate the fact that such gates are impermeable to moisture, making them ideal for storage in sea ports or other areas with high humidity. Protection from the environment of assembled storage tents and their gates allows to store agricultural products, hay rolls, heavy machinery and other implements needed on the farm. The unlimited choice of warehouse tents and gate sizes opens up an extremely wide range of storage options.