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We have more than 10 years of experience in working with storage tents. Over 1000 companies and private Individuals became our clients in different European countries. We can offer good quality storage tents, which are manufactured according to the highest standards EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and meet all EU requirements. Tents have CE certificates suitable for obtaining EU funding.

These are good reasons to order tents from us. You will remain satisfied, and if you need help or if you have questions, you can always consult our experienced specialists free of charge. Our goal is happy customers who have gotten exactly what they needed!

If you think storage costs a lot, storage tents is a great choice for you! The warehouse tent will delight you with the price-quality ratio. You will not have to look for premises or build your own warehouses, there will be no need to carry your goods, products or equipment, because the storage tent can be assembled wherever you want. It can also be easily moved from one place to another at any time. The warehouse tents are not complex in their construction, they can easily be disassembled, moved and reassembled.
The tent is a multi-functional, mobile and cheap place for storage and various other activities.

It can be used in various weather conditions, allows daylight to enter, but retains moisture. Warehouse tents is a great space to use it both seasonally and continuously. Our customers already know that inexpensive tents are reliable, made of high-quality certified materials and they will serve for a really long time. You will no longer need to search of premises for storage or any other activities.

The warehouse tents come in different sizes. We will be happy to advise you on the dimensions of the storage tents suitable for your needs. Multi-functional reasonable price storage tents will be simpler solution than thinking where to find warehouses, how to rent them or buy them. Call us and we'll decide together which our storage tent's model will be most suitable for your business or farm. We respect our customers and work together on all issues that have arisen. Storage tents are characterized by a particularly affordable price. We invite you to take a look at our page and we will wait for your call!

Tent hangars for farmers


For storage of agricultural products

Our hangars are loved by farmers in many European countries. Farmers often use them for the storage of agricultural production, hay, straw, cereal, technical storage.


For keeping animals and birds

The hangars are perfectly adapted as a shelter from the sun for livestock and their permanent storage. Other small cattle, pheasants, chickens and sheep are also well-kept in tent hangars.


For storage and repair of agricultural machinery

The agricultural machinery stored in the hangars will wear less because it will be protected from different weather conditions. Many farmers have an agricultural repair shop in tent hangars.

Tent hangars for business


For storage

Companies buy our hangars for the storage of wood, products, goods, technical parts. They are used for their own use by more than one garage.


For events and expositions

Hangars of less than 340 square meters do not need foundations or concrete bases and can be installed practically almost everywhere, except on sand or turf. Therefore, it can be a temporary shelter during events, exhibitions, protection from rain or dedicated storage of goods, materials, machinery.


For market or exhibition pavilions

A number of municipalities and establishments have purchased our hangars and used them as market or exhibition pavilions. Our hangars were also used at COVID-19 testing sites.